Royce Wood Junior . 'Rover EP'


We’re pleased to announce that the uniquely talented Royce Wood Junior has joined us here at 37 Adventures.
His first release will be the 4-track Rover EP, out 1st December 2014, which was written, produced and recorded by Royce and drops ahead of his forthcoming debut LP in Spring 2015, titled The Ashen Tang.

Royce honed his production skills whilst he lived above a studio with good friend Jamie Woon. Before going it alone he played in Woon’s band, produced the upcoming Jono McCleery album for Ninja Tune and contributed tracks to Kwabs and Denai Moore’s highly anticipated debut albums. He’s also worked closely with Rosie Lowe, George Maple and Sinead Harnett, to name a few.
On the Rover EP’s title track a broken falsetto deftly skips across sparse beats, while skewed soul jam ‘January Time’ is punctuated by a distant vocal before the woozy, wonky funk of ‘Basin Time’ comes in. Things draw to a dreamy, romantic close with the bittersweet ‘Valentine Virus Part II’ and its heart-yanking refrain, “all this to be with you again”.

While Royce has invited friends to lend their voices to a number of his previous productions, bar the tender bars of the final track the vocals on the Rover EP are all his own, with pitch and delivery manipulated to mesmerizing effect.

Buy the EP here and stay tuned for album news…