Rosie Lowe . 'Right Thing EP'


We’re very pleased to present to you the debut EP from Rosie Lowe. This is the Right Thing EP.

If two great producers come together for one artist, it’s worth checking out. When those two are Kwes and The Invisible’s Dave Okumu, it’s definitely worth a double-take, and between the three, they have created something quite exceptional.

First seen on Lil Silva’s addictive summer anthem ‘No Doubt’, Rosie’s rich, smooth guest vocals have been causing mass chatter over the past couple of months, boosted with emergence of Me & Your Ghost and Right Thing, both taken from this debut EP.

The Right Thing EP is a collection of snapshots from the last year of Rosie’s life bound together with strong pop sensibilities, an ebbing undercurrent of 90s ‘slow jamz’ and expert production.Released on limited edition white vinyl and digitally (of course), and is out now.