Odd Numbers . Volume 1 - COMPILATION


LIMITED EDITION VINYL: https://37adventures.bandcamp.com/album/odd-numbers-volume-1

Welcome to Odd Numbers: Volume 1!

We’re over the moon to finally be able to share with you the news of our new compilation Odd Numbers. Volume 1 serves very much as indicator to where the label has come in its few years of existence and sort of a window into the influences and inner workings of the 37 Adventures label – touching on the team’s wider individual tastes whilst also delivering the 37 Adventures pop-edged vibes.

Volume 1. contains 14 tracks reintroducing you to the 37 Adventures label roster whilst shining a light on some new and emerging artists we’ve collectively had our eyes on in the distance. Plug in and and find a bundle of unheard, off-the-shelf tracks, as well as brand spanking new creations for you to enjoy.